Product name: Plaja-Beach Finder 

Team leader: Dejan Grepo


Plaja - Beach Finder is a mobile application for digitizing beaches in the Republic of Croatia. This is a project that already has excellent results on the market and on the basis of which cooperation has been achieved with 10% of the Tourist Boards on the Croatian coast. The mobile application is available for download for Android and iOS devices, and already has over 200 beach locations on only a small part of the Tourist Boards on our coast.

With the Playa - Beach Finder free app, guests can quickly, easily and efficiently search the beaches nearby. If you wish, you can search by categories, then select recommended beaches, find them on the map and use navigation or 360 overview, find out a detailed description of the beach and add selected beaches to favorites. The guest can, if he so prefers, use the search engine according to the radius he determines. In addition, users of the application have the opportunity to view news related to beaches and find out the weather forecast and ultimately evaluate the beach, and an important feature of this mobile application is that navigation to beach locations can be used in Offline mode without using Internet signals. foreign guests visiting our coast.

In cooperation with the Association for People with Disabilities, the category of beaches accessible to people with disabilities was added, but also with the Association of Animal Friends, where the category of beaches accessible to dogs was added.

To answer the question - Where is the beach? - Tourist workers have to print thousands of maps and leaflets with beach locations while the mobile application Playa - Beach Finder allows the user to quickly and easily reach the nearest and hidden beaches in just a few clicks.

Founded: 2021

Team members: Dejan Grepo



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