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60sec startup pitch competition

60sec startup pitch competition

The 60 second startup competition is set to be the highlight of the first day of Startup Europe Regatta conference. Divided into two groups - Pitch I and    Pitch II - this competition promises an intense showcase of innovation, with each startup having precisely 60 seconds to captivate the audience with their groundbreaking ideas. 

After the lightning-fast pitches, the spotlight turns to the audience, who will have a vital role to play. For two minutes, the audience gets to fire away with questions, probing deeper into the startups' concepts, strategies, and potential impact. It's a unique opportunity for startups to demonstrate their adaptability and depth of knowledge.

Here's the twist that sets this competition apart: the judges are no ordinary panel of experts. They are fellow startups, entrepreneurs, and visionaries, who understand the trials and tribulations of building a business from the ground up. 



Watch all the pitches here!

We made sure to capture every moment of the 60-second pitches that took place on the first day of the conference - Digital Dalmatia Day

We filmed the pitches because it's an exceptional learning tool for our competitors. Seeing yourself in action and by watching their own pitches, participants gain valuable insights into their presentation style, body language, and content delivery. It's a unique opportunity for self-reflection and self-improvement. 

And for those who couldn't attend the conference in person, these pitches offer an exclusive window into the world of startups and entrepreneurship. It's an opportunity for viewers to witness the innovative ideas and vibrant enthusiasm that define our community. 

Watch all the pitches here!



Competition results




1. DotYourSpot, Šime Jozipović 1120
2. Metabelly, Ena Melvan 1073
3. Parklio, Nikola Listeš 1062
4. Sportreact, Anto Siric 1022
5. Silver Monitor, Tihana Petričević 1015
6. Glamos, Slaven Damjanović 1012
7. Seacras, Mario Špadina 985
8. Vetzy, Alen Pecirep 976
9. Forever Young, Stipe Pleština 964
10. Mushroom Cups, Stipe Režić 945
11. Litto, Iva Kegalj 938
12. VeeMee, Marko Kozjak 936
13., David Rey Hudečec 926
14. Soundscaper, Klara Bruna Tomić 926
15. Blazorise, Mladen Macanović 894
16. dReader, Josip Volarević 893
17. Necogi, Antonija Glaurdić 882
18. Marteching, Darko Majić 881
19. Spajalica, Marko Komerički 872
20. Maistral, Saša Jovetić 865
21. 3DTech, Antun Marić 849
22. Genna AI, Ivan Jerkić 831
23. Collis Griseo, Krešimir Dželalija 799
24. Unitfly, Bruno Dobrota 783
25. Cyclops, Juraj Karadža 767
26. Aida Systems, Žiga Jaka Gobec 758
27. Infomaas, Andrija Gugić 591

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