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Product name: CEZAR


Caesar is an advanced system that has everything you need to successfully manage hotels, villas, apartments and travel agencies

Channel manager, Automatic Login to eVisitor, reservation and guest management systems, invoicing and fiscalization, offer and advance creation, marketing and statistics make state-of-the-art technology now available for:

• hotels, hostels, camps

• private renters

• travel agencies and property managers                                                              

With Channel manager forget about overbooking, all the best booking portals are connected on one calendar. When you receive a booking from or Airbnb, Caesar automatically updates the availability for all other booking portals.

Channel manager allows you to manage prices from one place, there is no need to set prices on each booking portal separately.

All reservations from all portals in one place. Ability to add, delete and edit all reservations. The most advanced booking calendar on the market, controls overbooking, warns of irregularities, arranges reservations by accommodation units depending on the wishes of guests.

Caesar Booking Engine allows you to receive instant reservations, directly from your website in an easy and secure way.

The guest simply selects dates, accommodation units, enters their personal data and clicks Complete Booking - after which the reservation comes directly to the Caesar application and synchronizes with other portals such as, Expedia and Airbnb.

Caesar Booking Engine offers various booking payment options through Booking Engine such as taking a deposit and free cancellation deadlines

Founded:  2019.

Team leader: Mario Ćubelić