Product name:: NetHub


NetHub is the first Croatian business accelerator focused on developing healthcare technologies. Recognizing market needs, it was developed in 2021 by E.C.H.R. d.o.o., which in the Republic of Croatia coordinates and implements the activities of the Euroconsultants International Group, one of the world's leading groups in the development of infrastructure and support programs in the field of innovation and entrepreneurship.

NetHub Business Accelerator is fully committed to supporting innovation and entrepreneurship, while its main goal is to connect the needs of the healthcare system with the capabilities of digital technologies, thus opening a wide area of long term sustainable and creative collaboration between the two sectors.

The idea for establishing such a program of business accelerator was developed based on the experience of many years of successful cooperation with regional health institutions and the realization of the huge potential of the IT sector through experience in implementing projects in innovative ICT solutions in health.


In addition to renting business and coworking space at subsidized prices, they offer professional and advisory support, mentors and various trainings, workshops and networking events.


The intensive 3 month program provides mentoring, financial and infrastructural support to startup teams in the field of digital healthcare.

Founded: 2021