Product name: Metabelly


The personalized diet developed within the Metabelly project is a specially tailored diet in the form of foods, supplements and a diet plan based on the behavior of bacteria active in the digestive system. The personalized approach is manifested in the application of machine learning to simulate conditions in the lower digestive tract of man, which examines the effectiveness of each combination, ensuring that PPC diet truly shows its stated effectiveness - or allows an individual to lose weight effectively.

Ultimately, by choosing the Metabelly diet experience, an individual can effectively and controlledly, over several months, change their microflora in the desired direction and maintain the desired "lean" enterotype by taking probiotics regularly. Today, due to the accelerated lifestyle and lack of physical movement, individuals are not able to effectively control the quality, quantity or time intervals of their meals. The Metabelly concept of personalized nutrition offers an attractive alternative to rigorous and often ineffective diets and / or pharmaceuticals.

Founded: 2021.

Company name: BELLYY

Team leader: Ena Melvan

Team members:

Ena Melvan - Founder and CEO
Sandra Žugan - Nutritionist
Andrija Karačić - General Surgery Resident
Marko Dragunić - Senior Software Developer
Josip Vujčić - Senior Software Engineer