Product name: Litto


Litto is a travel agency that offers the best local experience for guests and provides renters with assistance in managing their accommodation units. Thanks to previous market research and knowledge, the Litto team has continuously identified all the shortcomings and challenges renters face. Many years of experience in tourism and technology have constantly encouraged us to test and implement innovative market trends. We have compiled them to three models of Litto partnership to prosper in the upcoming summer seasons.

Litto model is based on a problem-solving approach by applying modern technological solutions and thus simplifies managing accommodation facilities. Besides partner's support, Litto combines modern web and mobile technologies into an innovative approach to online advertising of tourist accommodation to increase reservations and offer additional services through website.

Our slogan Litto - Your getaway companion, sums up our main business idea in which we strive to meet the needs of modern travelers while offering the best local experience. On the other hand, our property management model offers renters a safe harbor for their real estate and the advantage of an additional revenue stream.

There are many more challenges ahead of us that we will gladly accept to improve our service and enrich every ongoing and future partnership. We strive to offer exceptional customer service and a seamless booking process.

Founded:  2018.

Team leader: Iva Kegalj

Team members:

Iva Kegalj, Mihaela Božić, Antonio Perić-Mažar, Marko Maljković, Petar Perišić, Ivo Šiško, Luka Smolčić



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