Liberato Map

Product name: Liberato Map


The main goal of the Liberato Association is to promote the quality of life for people with disabilities and technical support. After the success of the LiberatoMap project, ie an interactive map for people with disabilities with the intention of facilitating movement and navigation in the City of Split, the project now includes the development of the Computer Skills Center focused on students and their needs in technical aspects.

Furthermore, the projects LiberatoAssist, LiberatoTalk are planned, which are directly related to students with disabilities and the general public in terms of awareness of the problems of architectural, communication and rehabilitation nature that people with disabilities face.

Systematic work on innovations in the field of technology for the benefit of persons with disabilities will lead to the improvement of educational, professional and social rehabilitation and their employment.

Founded: 2019

Team leader: Stipo Margić

Team members:

Stipo Margić – Chairman
Mijo Matijević – Vice president
Ivana Vladušić - Member of board of directors