Product name: GREENBOX


Greeenbox is a three-in-one solution with LED display as digital advertising and intelligence space, contactless disinfestant dispenser and appropriate system for monitoring the filling of containers and space for electronic waste disposal.

Until the beginning of 2021, this project was the concept of the Center of Excellence of the Split- Dalmatia County with devices installed in about twenty schools, several restaaurants and in the County Emergency Room.

In January 2021, the startup company Fortitudo Development was opened, with the aim of commercializing Greenbox devices as part of solving the general problem of full digitalization of cities, developing applications for business improvement, etc. to the touch where, amog other things, notices and advertisements would be displayed.

Founded: 2021.

Company name: Fortitudo development

Team leader: Antonio Nikolić

Team members: 

Antonio Nikolić: Development, vlasnik tvrtke

Martin Grgić: Marketing, direktor tvrtke