Product name: GLAMOS


GLAMOS Walker – Most advanced LoRaWAN and Helium testing tool. Helps with setting up hotspots, testing locations/antennas and doing coverage mapping.

Glamos Walker is a portable device that allows testing of the LoRaWAN network (LoRaWAN field test device). Allows you to send, receive and instantly view radio packets / messages.

The user can change all parameters relevant to the network quality through the on-screen menu.

Walker also has a GPS module that allows instant positioning, and thus mapping the network itself.

It helps to decide on the best placement of gateways and devices relative to each other.

With the integration of the Walker device on the Walk App server (HTTP POST integration), the user is able to view all the data about the sent message on the screen of the device, but also within the Walk App. This includes sending time, counter, frequency, spreading factor (SF), bandwidth, coding rate, GPS coordinates, name of all base stations that received the message along with the corresponding RSSI and SNR values. Device will calculate Packet error rate for you.

Founded: 2019.

Startup name: FIELD DATA j.d.o.o.

Team leader: Slaven Damjanović