Product name: eAgrar


eAgrar is a system for monitoring the condition of plants and weather conditions in agricultural fields. It is based on a network of sensor devices that allows monitoring of microclimatic conditions.

Sensor devices are ready to be installed without the need for any additional infrastructure. The devices are battery-powered and have an autonomy of up to 10 years without charging. The sensor device has the ability to measure temperature, humidity and air pressure, humidity and soil temperature, and leaf moisture. All data is displayed on the dashboard of our application via icons, graphs and tables. The system monitors and processes data, and informs users about the possible occurrence of diseases (downy mildew, powdery mildew, downy mildew) so that they can take preventive action to stop the occurrence of the same. It also informs the user when conditions for frost are created or when the need for irrigation is created.

By using the eAgrar system, you can achieve savings in the use of chemicals, fuel and water. Using the system will also allow you to reduce crop damage and increase yields

Founded: 2019

Team leader: Slaven Damjanović