Adriatic Quest

Product name: Adriatic Quest


Adriatic Quest is an interactive game based on a digital narrative. It allows you to combine fun and travel! It offers various characters and locations through which they get acquainted with the specifics of Adriatic locations. With the little help you can have fun, learn something new about the local culture and sights, or get a nice companion in your tour of the Adriatic! Aditic Quest tells a different story about the Adriatic. The one that is not in the books. It shows special places. It represents special people and entertains them. In this story, the user has a very important role and participates with all the senses, and all you need to choose a place, a character and embark on an adventure. In short, it is a digital travel guide that provides a unique destination experience.

Founded: 2021

Team leader: Ana Ban

Team members: Ana Ban, Branimir Šilović, Nebojša Lujanović, Ante Čepić, Josip Šimić


Web: in progress