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Tap2Review is a simple and innovative device for leaving reviews that contains an NFC tag and a QR code.

Pigeon-sky racing system

Pigeon Sky Racing softver - While sitting in a cafe with a company, keep track of the arrival of pigeons on your mobile phone on your mobile phone.



Trebam.hr is the leading portal for selecting local contractors in Croatia.


Blazorise is a project that contains a set of UI components for creating web and mobile applications.

Adriatic Quest

Adriatic Quest is an interactive game based on a digital narrative. It allows you to combine fun and travel!


Sportever connects you with recreational athletes of similar abilities who live close by. Easily plan and arrange a match or match.

Rent A Local

We assist foreigners with all ther needs while living in, moving to or doing business in Croatia.


NetHub is the first Croatian business accelerator focused on the development of technology in healthcare.

Liberato Map

The main goal of the Liberato Association is to promote the quality of life for people with disabilities and techincal support.


GLAMOS is a tool for testing LoRaWAN networks and IoT systems. This solution provides accurate information on network quality which ultimately leads to a more robust system and lower costs.

Ispitna stanica

The software solution manages the operation of a test station for checking, testing and certification of a part of a hydraulically driven device / machine or system.

Alpha Sagittarius

Alpha Sagittarius is a secure and reliable long range and bandwidth wireless communication based on the standard WiFi protocol.


The GuideB electric bicycle has the function of a tourist guide, it can cover up to 160 kilometers, and with its 18 kilograms it reaches a speed of 25 kilometers per hour, which is regulated by law.

Digital notice board

Integral, modern, but also completely ecological "green" software solution for managing and displaying content on displays in remote locations with constant monitoring and updating in real time.


AymoLive is a live video streaming platform that connects artists with audiences.


eAssist is an information system for keeping various records in the field of occupational safety, fire protection, environmental protection and servicing of work equipment and devices.

Travel Code

Caesar is an advanced system that has everything you need to successfully manage hotels, villas, apartments and travel agencies


eAgrar - a new dimension of agriculture; a system to monitor the condition of agricultural crops and to help predict disease outbreaks

Litto Agency

Cilj i misija Litto agencije je efektivno iskoristiti dostupnost novih medija, tehnologije, marketinških promocija i kanala za oglašavanje - kako bismo u konačnici ponudili savršenu uslugu turistima, ali i domaćim iznajmljivačima.


Metabelly diet experience - a personalized diet based on gut analysis (PPC) project aims to help the weight loss process by directly influencing the native microbiological flora of the digestive tract.


QR tehnologijom i pametnim softverom do novih usluga u ugostiteljstvu, trgovini ili turizmu

Helm Order Monitor

Helm Order Monitor (IP submitted) is the first technological solution to the problem of insufficient control of steering commands between helmsmen and pilots or navigators on ships.


WindWard is a cloud-based, interactive platform for the management and administration of nautical clubs, organizing and monitoring regattas, and intelligent monitoring of equipment and costs.


Web application for digitization of teaching and non-teaching business processes of higher education institutions.


Plaja - Beach Finder is a free mobile application that allows users to quickly, easily and efficiently search the beaches in their vicinity.

Get Work

Get Work® is a mobile application with the mission of connecting traditional offerings with growing and modernized customer requirements - with just one click it connects the supply and demand of services in any city via an interactive map.


Greeenbox is a three-in-one solution with LED display as digital advertising and intelligence space, contactless disinfestant dispenser and appropriate system for monitoring the filling of containers and space for electronic waste disposal.

Marine Eye

The autonomous system continuously monitors vessels on the observed sea surface. Real-time data collection and analysis improve management and planning processes.


RAFT is an online platform that connects shipping companies offering transport services with passengers looking to purchase such services, available online.


EasyOil is an automatic billing system for gas stations, where there is no waiting in line and no wasting time.


Entertainment drive in module is a custom cinema for easy use


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Sailboat RC ...

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