Product name: SplitDrive

Team leader: Marko Čupić


Entertainment drive in module is a custom cinema for easy use. From the comfort of your own car, as a personal drive in cinema, SplitDrive provides fast and flexible access to 24/7 multimedia using an innovative hardware system. In addition to creating a new purpose for existing technology, it provides access to high technology (Netflix, YouTube, gaming), but also offers complete freedom of choice of content and time of use.

It is a modular building measuring 3.5 x 5.5 m composed of load-bearing assemblies and structural elements of a modular unit. all elements are brought separately to the agreed and prepared land or parking lot and installed within one working day. The SplitDrive concept actually offers a "smart" parking space solution that is easily installed on an existing parking space with modular construction technology.

The end-user module itself can be controlled via its own mobile device that serves as a remote control. There is also the possibility of booking and paying for appointments.

Team members: Marko Čupić, Baldo Samaržija, Antonio Božić, Romano Baturina


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