Pigeon-sky racing system

Product name: Pigeon-sky racing system

Team leader: Vladimir Škopljanac


Forget a set of obsolete and complicated equipment needed to compete!

While sitting in a cafe with a company, keep track of the arrival of pigeons on your mobile phone on your mobile phone.

Forget about mistakes in rewriting your competition lists. No need to rewrite results for processing purposes. The race results are visible immediately after the arrival of the last pigeon from the placement.

  • Race results are possible in PDF format.
  • You can send and share results through your colleagues via email.
  • We guarantee the higher sensitivity of the antenna device we supply.
  • Cheapest and most reliable, waterproof rings with a chip.
  • 2 year warranty on all equipment and chips.

Pigeon Sky Racing softver, the winner of the bronze ARCE at the international ARCA 2018 - Zagreb Croatia Innovation Fair. The precision and measurement capability of this device is the most valuable feature due to which this IT program, together with its hardware, deserved a prestigious award. Time we measure in a hundredths of a second.

Founded: 2020

Team members: Vladimir Škopljanac, Jelena Škopljanac


GSM: +385 92 311 7164