Ispitna stanica

Product name: Ispitna stanica

Team leader: Ivan Krcatović


Cross-platform software solution (desktop, web and mobile application), manages the operation of the test station for checking, testing and certification of part of the device / machine or hydraulic drive system.

Software collects measurement data from the sensors during the test and compares the collected data with the setpoints according to the relevant ISO standards for the test element.

The product is a solution to a number of shortcomings and problems present in the market and in current work such as:

- Lack of testing center service according to ISO standards.

- quality certification and correctness of new or repaired hydraulic equipment

- classification into different classes of quality and work efficiency

- issuing a warranty for a part or component that has been serviced and tested at the test station.

In addition to the shortcomings and problems present in the market, there are several functionalities and practicalities that the project brings with it:

-examination testing of materials and components

- changes in material properties

- measuring the quality of the pressure flow

- measuring the reliability of the system on fatigue

- state of seals, valves, pumps, cylinders.

All data after the tests will be entered into a database and a standardized document with test results will be printed.

-ISO 10100: 2020 for hydraulic cylinders
-ISO 4409: 2019 for hydraulic pumps and motors
-ISO 10771-1: 2015 for fatigue system reliability testing
-ISO 6403 for flow and pressure drop test
-ISO 4411 valve condition test.

Founded: 2019

Startup name: Jadran Tehnika

Team members:

Ivan Krcatović mag. ing. zrakoplovnog inženjerstava, development, voditelj projekta

Duje Gašperov ing. elektronike, development, hardware dio

Ivan Krcatović ing ,IT- stručnjak, software

Silvija Čikotić ing. ekonomije  marketing


Address:  Ostrvica 1, 21253 Gata, Hrvatska