Product name: GLAMOS

Team leader: Slaven Damjanović


The idea of connecting all devices from our environment to one common central network has existed for a long time, and was formed under the name "Internet of Things (IoT)". In the last 5 years, several technologies have been developed that enable this idea to be realized. Technologies and protocols have been developed that allow the connection of different devices to the network, even in conditions where there is no adequate infrastructure. The intention was to enable the connection of devices where there is no electricity, wired network, mobile network, or the possibility to do something like that without large investments.

Solar panels and new types of batteries solve the problem of lack of electricity, as well as the problem of cable routing indoors. One of the main things in the Internet of Things is communication. In the last few years, a big step forward has been made in this area with the development of new technologies - NB-IoT, LoRaWAN, Sigfox, Zigbee and others.

The technologies listed above are the same as WiFi, Bluetooth and mobile networks - communication protocols. The difference between them is in some properties such as communication distance, power consumption and data transfer rate.

In the field of IoT systems, LoRaWAN and NB-IoT take the lead in the integration of smart city and smart village solutions (water meters, electricity and gas meters, meteorological devices, fire and flood detectors, air quality measurements, smart parking lots).

The implementation of various solutions has begun, but it turned out that there are no solutions and tools on the market that can keep up with this. LoRaWAN is the protocol on which a large number of solutions are based due to the ideal characteristics of low battery consumption and long communication range.

It happened to us that we could not find a tool on the market that will give us the right information when implementing a solution, and that includes the existence of a communication network, the quality of that network and some other data. The situation was that we would come to the field to set up weather stations, and then it would happen that the device settings were not adjusted to the network. We would have to return the device to the lab, adjust it and the like. A process that takes a lot of time and energy. From this problem we came to a solution - GLAMOS.


GLAMOS is a tool for testing LoRaWAN networks and IoT systems. This solution provides accurate information on network quality which ultimately leads to a more robust system and lower costs. The solution is intended for people who develop IoT solutions, users of these solutions because they have to install them, and those who set up LoRaWAN networks (telecom operators). The solution consists of the GLAMOS Walker, which is the most advanced device in the world. The device is in the shape of a mobile phone, has a screen and several buttons that allow you to navigate through the menu of the device itself. It is this menu that makes it special because it offers the ability to set all the desired parameters quickly and easily, without the need to use a computer, unlike all competing devices. This system also makes the Walk App so unique in the world. It allows the collection of all data, their visualization and analysis. Ultimately, it provides users with information about possible system improvements, the possibility of installing a sensor and the like.


How does it practically work? When you want to connect to a WiFi network, you take your mobile phone and see the list of available WiFi networks and signal strength. If there is no signal, move to another room where there is or where the signal is stronger. Our device for the LoRaWAN network offers something similar, except that installing a sensor device and then moving it is very expensive and time-consuming.


Another advantage is testing for better base station setup. Without quality testing, there could be large losses in network revenue for telecom operators. And now a startup has emerged that bases its cryptocurrency on the LoRaWAN network and the setting up of base stations, and their mutual communication. It is our solution that is ideal for them because it directly allows them to increase their earnings by better setting up base stations.


The plan for further development of GLAMOS is in the direction of a solution for application in the IoT system through the development of a central application that will connect devices from different manufacturers (robot vacuum cleaners, refrigerators, air conditioners, washing machines and other things connected to the Internet)

Founded: 2019.

Startup name: FIELD DATA j.d.o.o.



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